AME6 5A Balancing Charger
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MSRP $49.99

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Length 140.5mm - 5.53in
Width 82.7mm - 3.25in
Height 45.7mm - 1.79in
Weight 310g - 10oz
Voltage Input AC 100/240 50/60 Hz
Amperage Output 5 Amps
Voltage Output Maximum 14.4V
Connection Alligator Clamps
Included Cables AC Power Cord, Charging Leads, Balance Cable
Enclosure Impact Resistant ABS Plastic Case

Product Details

Periodic Balancing Ensures Battery Health and Full Capacity.

We feel that a charger should be simple to use, quick to charge, and reasonably priced. With this in mind, we offer the AME6. This is a 5 amp LiFePO4 balancing charger ideally suited for Alien Motion batteries. It is designed to ensure the health and full state of charge of your battery. By balancing your cells, you ensure that your voltages are equal giving you the greatest power and reliability from your Alien Motion battery.

When charging is complete, the 'CHARGE STATUS' light will turn from red to green, and voltage to the battery will be cut off. If your battery is below 8.0 volts (or less than 2.0V per cell), the AME6 may not be able to charge your AM battery. This is a safety feature as LiFeP04 cells can be damaged if they are drained to such a low voltage state. If you are experiencing charging problems with your battery, please contact Alien Motion technical support as we may be able to perform a restoration charge on your battery at no cost other than actual shipping charges. Now that's Out of this World Service!